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Market researcher, trumpet player, amateur photographer • Изучаю русский язык. Для меня загадка, что я здесь.

View from the hotel in Monterey.

Google introduces more explore functionalities in Google Maps (quite similar to Foursquare)

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Foursquare moved its check-ins functionality to Swarm permanently and is planning to launch a new design.

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Dublin at night.

Google and Novartis are to collaborate on the development of the smart contact lens, measuring blood glucose levels.

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Handy app for Android Wear users - quick access to apps.

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Bart’s daily Fitbit summary for July 9, 2014

Total steps: 14168
Floors climbed: 13
Calories burned: 3303
Elevation gained: 39.62 meters
Traveled: 12.23 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 1181
Lightly active minutes: 115
Fairly active minutes: 76
Very active minutes: 68

July 9, 2014
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Larry Page

Some interesting quotes by Larry Page.

Don’t delegate: Do everything you can yourself to make things go faster.

Don’t get in the way if you’re not adding value. Let the people actually doing the work talk to each other while you go do something else.

Don’t be a bureaucrat.

Ideas are more important than age. Just because someone is junior doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect and cooperation.

The worst thing you can do is stop someone from doing something by saying, “No. Period.” If you say no, you have to help them find a better way to get it done.

Source (an interesting read also).

Pizza Bartolinimini.